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Why have a WiFi survey?

A WiFi survey is a crucial step in planning and installing a tailored wireless network solution. It won’t lead to a cheap, sticking plaster fix. Nor will it uncover quick fix answers to the shortcomings of your current WiFi equipment. It is instead focused on assessing your premises and quoting for a robust, long-term solution for your WiFi needs.

Sometimes referred to as a wireless site survey or WiFi audit, there are two main purposes:

  • Firstly, for existing WiFi issues it helps get to the bottom of your wireless network problems.  It allows us to audit where your WiFi signal is weakest. We can then recommend the ideal position for wireless access points to get signal coverage where you need it.  This isn’t just a technical exercise, however.  Just as important is learning about your experiences and frustrations with your current WiFi setup. It’s also important to find out what your priorities are and how you use your WiFi. This helps ensure the solution we recommend best fits your needs.
WiFi survey planning wireless network installation
Planning is crucial to getting the cost/coverage balance right
  • For new WiFi installations proper planning is crucial. This is because it can save a lot of time, money and hassle in the long run.  Having a WiFi survey provides the perfect opportunity to get things right from the start.  This includes understanding the objectives, any potential challenges and how best to fulfil WiFi users’ expectations. It also ensures WiFi access points are positioned to give the best coverage without over-saturation. As a result, you get the optimum signal penetration for the best price.

Above all, our goal in both cases is to ensure the solution fits your specific individual needs and priorities.

Cost vs coverage – getting the balance right

You most likely want the best coverage at the best price. This means having enough wireless access points, but not over-saturating with too much overlapping signal.

One of the biggest myths with WiFi is that more is better. Because of this mistaken belief, many people throw lots of WiFi broadcast devices into the mix in the hope it will do the job. And probably spend a fair amount of money doing so.

However, exactly the opposite is true. If you have too much WiFi equipment too close together, ground noise becomes a real problem. When it comes to good WiFi, less is usually more.

We offer two levels of wireless site survey

Our standard WiFi survey is suitable for most homes and smaller businesses.  Whereas larger sites with more complex needs often require a more in-depth approach.

Here’s a summary of what’s involved in each type of survey:

Standard WiFi survey:

  • Available free of charge to customers in Bristol, Bath, Trowbridge, Chippenham and surrounding areas.  (If you’re outside this area please contact us for a quote.) 
  • Typically takes up to an hour to complete. 
  • Includes a discussion about your WiFi problems and/or requirements, plus basic WiFi system and coverage checks on a handheld device.  This is followed by an email with findings and recommendations as well as a quote for your ideal WiFi solution.

Advanced WiFi survey:

  • A more in-depth, chargeable survey for larger sites with complex wireless network requirements. 
  • Usually arranged following a basic survey and takes one or more days to complete. 
  • Includes visual heat mapping of WiFi coverage to identify any problems.  You’ll also receive a full report of findings and recommendations.

Book your WiFi survey today

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