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Visitors now expect to access WiFi at a diverse range of venues

audiences demand fast reliable venue wifi
Today’s audiences expect to be able to share the experience instantly using WiFi

These days, any public space aiming to attract crowds of visitors is expected to have good WiFi.  Venues including churches, theatres, conference centres, concert halls, meeting spaces and community centres can all experience high demand for wireless internet access.  However providing visitors with fast, reliable venue WiFi can be challenging.

If you’re in the Bristol and Bath area and are looking to improve the WiFi in your venue, WiFiGuys can help! 

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Coping with venue WiFi demands

If you have crowds of tens, or hundreds (or even thousands) of people in a large space, a standard wireless router will struggle to cope.  Even with the addition of wireless boosters, extenders or repeaters, it’s unlikely they will handle such large numbers.

Additional considerations for your venue WiFi might also include:

  • A wireless solution that is scalable according to changing visitor numbers. 
  • Separate wireless networks for staff and visitors to segregate web traffic and improve security. 
  • With potentially large numbers involved, you may want to restrict your visitors’ WiFi access.  This could include limiting data downloads or blocking certain types of websites.

Great WiFi provides venues with a distinct competitive advantage

fast reliable church hall venue wifi helps boost visitor numbers
Installing a fast, reliable WiFi solution can vastly improve visitor experience for any type of venue

As more different types of venues open their doors to paying visitor groups, the competition to attract those groups is intensifying.   The additional income can provide a real boost to coffers and make a huge difference.  Because many venues occupy historic buildings, the extra cash can be a life-saver to cover costly upkeep and renovations.

Giving visitors a great concert hall, conference or meeting venue WiFi experience can be far more than ticking a box.  It can be a key selling point.

Time to upgrade your venue’s wireless network?

From village halls, to historic churches, to major theatres, venues of all shapes and sizes are looking to the future.  In many cases their very survival depends on it.  For a stand-out visitor experience, having fast, reliable venue WiFi is more crucial than ever.

No matter how large or small your venue, WiFiGuys install professional wireless solutions to fit your needs and budget. 

If you are in the Bristol and Bath area we offer a free WiFi survey and quote for your ideal wireless network solution.  Contact us today for friendly, local WiFi help and advice.