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Point-to-point WiFi installations in the Bristol & Bath area

Looking to expand your wireless network to a separate area or building away from your main premises? WiFiGuys can help with specialist point-to-point WiFi solutions to suit your needs.

We work with businesses and homes throughout the Bristol, Bath Chippenham and Trowbridge area. From advice and consulting to WiFi surveys and installations, we have the expertise to provide the wireless network solution you need.

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WiFiGuys point-to-point WiFi devices transmit WiFi to remote buildings
We use high performance point-to-point WiFi radios

What is point-to-point WiFi?

Point-to-point WiFi, as the name suggests, allows you to send an internet connection from one location to another. This could be to an outbuilding, an office across the street or even the garden shed!

There’s no need to run network cables because the WiFi signal is sent wirelessly.

Firstly a sending device is wired to your router. It then broadcasts to a receiver in the remote location. The receiver connects to a wireless access point. This in turn broadcasts the WiFi for the devices being used in that location.

This method can be cheaper and more convenient than running cables. Particularly to buildings that are some distance from your main premises.

Point-to-point WiFi helps connect buildings separate from your main property
Glamping pod, summer house or garden office, point-to-point WiFi helps connect your remote buildings to your network

What can you use it for?

In theory a WiFi signal can travel for many miles. But only with a strong enough signal from dedicated equipment, and nothing blocking it.

There has to be clear line of sight to share an internet connection via point-to-point equipment.

There are many uses for this technology. One example is in remote communities, including those in developing countries. Locations without cabling to provide internet access can have it broadcast to them wirelessly from a location that does.

In terms of day-to-day practical uses, it can be used in many ways, for example:

  • It could easily broadcast a signal from your office to another one across the road.
  • If you wanted WiFi in your shed, summer house or garden office it would work well.
  • Planning to Airbnb separate guest accommodation on your premises? Point-to-point could provide your guest WiFi.

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