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IT network cabling installation

WiFiGuys are network cabling installation experts with over 25 years of experience in IT networking. We provide ethernet cabling solutions to businesses and home owners throughout the Bristol, Bath Chippenham and Trowbridge area.

Services include:

  • Complete office, home and workplace network cabling solutions
  • Installation of networking equipment including network points, patch panels, switches & data cabinets
  • Tracing & testing of existing network cabling

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Applications for wired networking

Cabling is an essential part of the infrastructure that builds networks. Even WiFi won’t work unless there’s some cable involved.

Here are some of the main uses for ethernet cabling:

  • Connecting multiple static devices to your network – this has been common practice in office settings for some time. Cabled networks connect desktop PCs, printers and other business hardware. However homes are increasingly demanding more robust networks. As a result, many new builds now come with networking already installed.
  • Creating a reliable WiFi network – hard-wiring wireless access points into your router is the best way to get a strong WiFi signal where you need it.
  • Connecting outbuildings – specialist external ethernet cable can be used in short runs (<100m) to share your internet connection with a separate building. Another office or a garden room, for example. (For longer distances or if running a cable is logistically difficult, a point-to-point wireless system is a good alternative.)

How is cable installed?

Aside from convenience, one of the reasons for the rush to wireless is that it’s a tidy solution. There’s a perception that cabling is ugly. Probably correct if it’s badly installed. However these days there are numerous clever ways to keep cables out of sight.


  • In suspended ceiling spaces
  • In conduits or trunking
  • Behind or underneath desks and other office furniture


  • Under floorboards or in stud walls
  • In loft or crawl spaces
  • Outside with existing cabling, behind gutters or other external fittings

If cable needs to be surface mounted, there are several neat ways to ensure it blends in:

  • painting to match the surrounding decor
  • disguising using decorative trunking
  • running behind static furniture, fixtures and fittings, e.g. radiators, desks, cabinets, beds etc.

Check out our blog on home data cabling for illustrated examples.

We always use the latest CAT6 cable to give the best performance and for future-proofing. Most electricians and other non-IT tradespeople will use CAT5 as it is slightly cheaper. However, for the sake of a few pounds it’s always worth specifying CAT6.

When installing ethernet cable it’s also important to keep it away from any electrical cables to avoid interference.

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