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Reliable hotel WiFi solutions crucial to guest satisfaction
25% of guests would pay extra for better WiFi speeds

WiFiGuys provide B&B, guesthouse and hotel WiFi solutions in the Bristol, Bath, Chippenham and Trowbridge area.  From advice and consulting to WiFi surveys and installations, we have the specialist expertise to provide the wireless network solution your guests demand.

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WiFi no longer a ‘nice to have’ for hotels and B&Bs

You probably already have an idea of how important good WiFi is to your guests.  You might have had verbal feedback, or comments on review websites.  However it’s still surprising just how key it can be to your customers’ decision making process.

One study of UK hotel customers conducted by Zyxel found that:

  • 89% of guests expect reliable WiFi as standard (second only to extra toilet rolls at 92%!)
  • WiFi (49%) is the second most important factor in choosing a hotel – only comfort (72%) is seen as more important
  • The top three hotel WiFi issues experienced by guests are slow speeds (58%), poor reliability (39%) and signal drop-outs (32%) 

WiFi challenges in the hospitality sector

Poor guest hotel WiFi leads to bad reviews
Reliable hotel WiFi is now key to guest satisfaction

It’s clear that guests’ expectations of hotel WiFi solutions are increasing, whether you’re a global hotel chain or a family run B&B.  These days wireless network connectivity is almost seen as a utility, like electricity or water.  (Some would probably say more important!)

The challenge, particularly for smaller establishments, is how to meet guest expectations without splashing out on costly wireless equipment.  This leaves many relying on wireless devices designed for home use in order to fulfil an essential guest service.  And a standard wireless router is rarely enough to cover the whole premises.  Consequently wireless extenders, repeaters and signal boosters are added – usually in vain.

A new way to fulfil guests’ WiFi expectations

Because of technological progress, a robust and seamless wireless network is becoming much more affordable. 

Using wireless access points to replace the WiFi from your standard router offers a tidy and reliable solution to poor guest wireless connectivity.  It doesn’t cost the earth and can be expanded over time without any loss of wireless signal quality.

Find out more about wireless access points and how they could transform your guests’ WiFi experience.

WiFiGuys wireless networks for hotels, B&Bs and guesthouses

  • Reliable guest WiFi coverage for all areas of your premises.
  • Keep control by placing restrictions on what and how much your wireless network users can download.  You can even offer a ‘premium’ guest wireless service and charge for it.  
  • Secure connections with separate logins for different levels of users – staff, guests, etc.

If you’re in the Bristol, Bath, Trowbridge and Chippenham area, contact us for reliable hotel WiFi solutions.   We can help with wireless network advice and a free WiFi survey for local businesses.