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External WiFi installations in the Bristol & Bath area

If you’re looking to expand your wireless network beyond the walls of your home or workplace, WiFiGuys can help. We are WiFi specialists and can install tailored external WiFi solutions to suit your needs.

We work with businesses and homes throughout the Bristol, Bath Chippenham and Trowbridge area. From advice and consulting to WiFi surveys and installations, we have the expertise to provide the outdoor wireless network solution you need.

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Offering outdoor WiFi increases customer satisfaction
Help customers connect from outside spaces with dedicated external WiFi

Applications for external WiFi

There are many reasons why you might need your WiFi to reach beyond bricks and mortar:

  • It could be as simple as wanting to browse the web in the comfort of your garden.
  • Maybe you’re planning an outdoor event and want your guests to be able to stay connected.
  • For hospitality businesses having strong WiFi is a key selling point, so why wouldn’t you want to extend that to customers in outside spaces too?
  • Even campsites and leisure parks are expected to provide good customer WiFi these days.

It’s probably easier than you might think

External wireless access points can be incorporated into your network to form a seamless whole. As a result, you can move from inside to outside spaces without losing your WiFi signal.

Range of specialist external WiFi access points from WiFiGuys
External WiFi access points come in a variety of shapes & sizes

Or if it’s a standalone system, aimed purely at flooding an external space with fast, reliable WiFi, that can be accommodated too. The only thing you’ll need is an internet connection, either from your fibre/broadband, or alternatively from a good 4G mobile signal.

We also install point-to-point WiFi systems to ‘beam’ your WiFi to separate buildings. Whether that’s the office across the road or the garden shed!

Technology allows us to stay connected in increasingly diverse environments. So really the sky is (literally) the limit.

Reliable external WiFi enables laptop connectivity in the garden
Having the option to work outside has a real feel-good factor

Need help with an outdoor WiFi installation?

We can help you plan your external WiFi coverage and install specialist equipment to give you the best signal.

We operate in Bristol, Bath and the surrounding areas. Get in touch today for a quote and to find out more.