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Business WiFi Solutions in the Bristol & Bath Area

WiFiGuys provide business WiFi services to companies and organisations throughout the Bristol, Bath Chippenham and Trowbridge area. 

From advice and consulting to WiFi surveys and installations, we have the expertise to provide the wireless network solution your business needs.

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Is your business WiFi network up to the job?

Regardless of your sector, location or size, the way you use WiFi has probably changed dramatically. Even just over the past few years. 

The wireless systems of today provide much more than internet access.  WiFi is essential for work solutions, provision for customers and clients as well as being a marketing and security tool.

Business Wireless Networks Under Pressure

More and more workplace devices are going wireless. And you’re not just dealing with equipment owned by the company these days.

The ‘bring your own device’ trend means the number of smartphones and tablets in use in the average workplace is exploding.  Many BYOD devices only work with WiFi.  Consequently, more strain is being placed on existing WiFi networks. 

What happens now if your workplace is full of staff and visitors/customers, all wanting to connect at the same time? Wireless signal drop-outs?  Slow WiFi internet speeds?  Wireless dead spots? 

This inevitably leads to frustration, lost productivity and potentially even lost business.

Fast, reliable WiFi coverage is now a modern business must-have, in order to stay connected and keep up with competition.  But if you’re planning an overhaul of your WiFi network it is important to find a future-proof solution.  Failing to do so could prove costly later down the line.

Seamless Business WiFi Solutions

Our business WiFi services help you keep employees focused on their jobs and not distracted by slow connections and signal drop-outs. 

We start with a survey and discussion of the WiFi issues you’re facing.  We then recommend a tailored solution to suit your needs and budget.   Finally we install your preferred system.

Enterprise Level WiFi Within Reach of SME Budgets

WiFiGuys’ wireless system includes a competitively priced product range with all of the features of more costly counterparts. 

These high performance WiFi devices are completely scalable and adaptable and provide a seamless WiFi experience.   The system increases capacity and throughput in high-density areas. 

And unlike some of the ‘big name’ providers, the software and upgrades are provided free of charge.  You therefore have no need to worry about ongoing licence fees.

Future-proofing Your Business WiFi

You can run one or countless wireless access points from one location.  These can be permanent or temporary, inside or outside and can operate at a very long range if required. 

They are high density, low latency, and offer high up-time performance.  These systems can be expanded and adapted over time, growing with your business as well as technological advances.

Business Friendly WiFi

Our business WiFi systems are developed with the user in mind and are simple to use. 

We can provide on-site training once the system is up and running, depending on your needs.  In practice, most customers find that they don’t need to go back to it once the wireless system is installed.

Visible aspects of the system look good too.  Wireless access points have a sleek, contemporary design.  Because of this, they blend into any background and are no more noticeable than smoke detectors.

WiFiGuys wireless access points provide a permanent solution to common business WiFi problems
High performance WiFi access points blend into any working environment

WiFiGuys business wireless solutions

  • Reliable WiFi coverage for all areas of your business. This includes offices, industrial units, warehouses, conference spaces and anywhere else you might need to be connected.
  • Keep control by placing restrictions on what and how much your WiFi users can download.
  • Secure connections with separate logins for different levels of users.

We do not use WiFi extenders, booster or repeaters, because these can slow your wireless network.  We install enterprise standard wireless networks, scalable for growth.  As your business grows, so can your WiFi.

In the Bristol, Bath, Trowbridge or Chippenham area? Contact us for friendly business WiFi advice or to book your free WiFi survey.