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Growing demand for WiFi as part of the eating and drinking experience

Restaurant, pub, bar and cafe WiFi is experiencing unprecedented demands.  And establishments with outdated wireless networks are in danger of being left behind.

In the past few years the hospitality industry has taken leaps and bounds in providing wireless internet access for customers. 

This has been driven by customer expectations and demands.  And no doubt the ease of complaining online has also had an impact.  Establishments across the whole food and drink sector have had to take notice. 

If you’re looking to upgrade and future-proof the WiFi in your bar, pub, cafe or restaurant in the Bristol and Bath area, WiFiGuys can help.  We install state-of-the-art bar and cafe WiFi solutions, tailored to your needs and budget. 

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Customers expect to eat, drink – and share

Offering reliable bar and cafe WiFi crucial to repeat business and happy customers

For some time now cafe, bar, pub and restaurant customers have expected to have wireless internet access.  However expectations of performance are changing. 

It used to be good enough to offer WiFi for simple web browsing.  But customers are beginning to expect so much more.

Streaming services, video sharing and social media have become commonplace.  It seems our resulting appetite for consuming content is insatiable. Because of the added demand on wireless bandwidth, a poor wireless connection just won’t cut it anymore.

Going out is also facing stiff competition from staying in!  People expect the creature comforts of home when they’re out and about – including WiFi.  However they are also looking for an experience they can easily share online.

Attract and retain customers with great bar and cafe WiFi

Businesses in the food and drink sector are facing unprecedented competition.  Margins for restaurants, pubs, bars and cafes are being squeezed as a result.  And the pressure to stand out from the crowd in order to attract and keep customers is growing.

In this climate, giving customers WiFi that exceeds their expectations can be a sound investment to keep one step ahead.

And there’s a double benefit. 

business people expect fast reliable bar and cafe wifi
Great WiFi keeps customers happy – and spending – for longer

Not only can great WiFi help attract customers – perhaps the time-starved business person who needs to download documents and join a Skype conference call whilst grabbing a coffee or a bite to eat.  It can also help keep them at the table and spending for longer – maybe our business person is working away from the office and needs a place to work and keep refreshed for a few hours.

Ignore poor customer wireless experience at your peril

It’s all too easy for people to complain very publicly about poor customer service.  For bar, cafe and restaurant patrons, an unsatisfactory WiFi experience is highly likely to end up in online reviews.  And with online reviews now impacting over 90% of consumer decisions the risk can’t be ignored. 

OK, most people probably wouldn’t include WiFi in the headline.  However, 8 out of 10 review readers will go through review content in detail.  So even if the overall star rating is good, an off hand comment about bad WiFi can still do the damage. 

Faced with a short list of two cafes with five star reviews, one with negative comments about the WiFi, which would your potential customers choose?

Getting bar and cafe WiFi right

Installing a wireless network that’s fit for purpose in your restaurant, pub, bar or cafe doesn’t have to be onerous or break the bank.  Enterprise WiFi equipment is now surprisingly affordable, for smaller businesses and even home users. 

Multiple wireless access points work together as one single network to provide strong, seamless WiFi coverage everywhere it’s needed. 

You can also easily have separate logins for staff and customers if required. This is particularly important for security reasons.

If you are in the Bristol and Bath area and your restaurant, pub, bar and cafe WiFi is causing you headaches, get in touch – we can help!  We offer a free WiFi survey to help you find your ideal wireless solution.