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WiFiGuys – who we are & what we do

WiFiGuys is a Bath-based WiFi and network installation specialist.  

We work for homeowners and businesses who need help with poor WiFi, across the Bath and Bristol area.

With more than 25 years of IT experience, we are wireless network installation experts.

WiFi installations & networking services

Here are some of the main services we offer:

  • trouble-shoot WiFi problems and advise on professional solutions to fix them, permanently
  • install and configure tailored wired and wireless networks
  • recommend, supply and install a range of specialist, enterprise standard WiFi equipment that fits home/small business budgets
  • use this equipment to replace existing devices in order to fix common WiFi issues – for example, slow internet, signal dropouts, and poor connections
  • install network infrastructure including CAT6 ethernet cabling, network points, switches and patch panels
  • supply and set up point-to-point and other external WiFi systems to get your wireless internet to where you need it, outside as well as inside
  • NEW! CCTV installation – incorporate high quality surveillance video cameras into your business or home network
Wireless access points are essential to a professional WiFi installation
Our wireless access points look good  and don’t cost the earth

If you’re in Bath, Bristol, Chippenham, Trowbridge or the surrounding areas we offer a free WiFi survey. This helps diagnose issues with your WiFi so we can recommend and quote for a professional solution using wireless access points. Here are the areas we cover:

WiFiGuys WiFi improvements installations advice coverage map Bristol Bath
We offer a free WiFi survey in these locations and the surrounding areas

If you are outside of this area, contact us for a quote for a WiFi survey.

Why choose a professional WiFi installation

Because too many people are suffering with slow, unreliable, patchy WiFi using consumer WiFi equipment. And it can be really hard to find help. 

This is only going to get worse because more and more appliances, gadgets and smart gizmos are becoming reliant on good WiFi to work properly. And for many, off-the-shelf WiFi solutions simply aren’t up to the job.

Professional WiFi installation from an experienced WiFi installer is crucial to your smart home
The smarter homes become, the more we demand from our WiFi

Internet and phone providers can only really help to the point the broadband reaches your premises.  When it comes to what happens inside your building, you tend to get pushed from pillar to post. 

Even providers offering WiFi ‘guarantees’ include get out of jail free cards in their T&Cs. For example, partial refunds if the equipment doesn’t meet expectations. This is because they know that in reality, when it comes to WiFi, one size can never fit all.

When common WiFi boosting methods don’t work, no one really seems to have an answer that works.

That’s where specialist WiFi experts like WiFiGuys come in!

Why we don’t fix your old WiFi equipment

Most people don’t know where to turn when they have persistent WiFi connection issues.  Because of this they tend to throw everything and the kitchen sink at the problem.  New routers, WiFi boosters, wireless signal repeaters and extenders, even surrounding the router with tin foil!

We don’t offer sticking plaster fixes for this kind of equipment.  It’s just not worth it.  A mish-mash of different equipment accumulated over the years will never work properly.

In fact, the more you add, the worse it’s likely to get.  Each new WiFi device broadcasting yet another WiFi signal will just try and drown out the others.

And as with most things in life, you get what you pay for. Consumer WiFi equipment is built to a price point to make it affordable to a mass customer base. This means lower quality components.

Most people would accept that a £200 laptop will not perform as well as a £1000 device, even though they may look superficially similar. It’s a similar principle with WiFi equipment.

Cut your losses and invest in a long-term WiFi solution

Throw your current equipment away (or return it and get your money back if you can) and we’ll replace it with a WiFi installation that works.  All you’ll need to keep is your router; we’ll still use it and just turn off the WiFi function.  But get rid of boosters, extenders or anything else that broadcasts a WiFi signal.

With WiFiGuys you’ll get an experienced WiFi installer from an IT networking background. We are not electricians, TV/satellite installers or other tradespeople dabbling in WiFi. We are specialists. Wireless network installations is what we, do day in and day out.

We only install the equipment we know and trust will give the best WiFi experience, value and longevity.  It works as one seamless, harmonious wireless network.  This results in reliable, fast WiFi (only limited by your broadband speed) wherever you need it. 

And it’ll last for years to come.

Get help with your WiFi installation

Please don’t carry on suffering with bad WiFi.  It’s so frustrating and it really doesn’t need to be that way. Let us help you fix your bad WiFi for good.

If you’re in Bristol, Bath, Trowbridge, Chippenham or anywhere else in the local area, do get in touch. We can offer you friendly, local WiFi advice, a free WiFi survey and a professional installation.

If you’d like to know what other customers think about our service, feel free to check out our testimonials and our reviews.