Internet access is fast becoming a utility, and many even see it as a basic human right. And the older generations are no exception. As our population ages, having decent WiFi for older people can play a crucial role in a happier and healthier retirement.

However it’s not just about having better WiFi for retired people at home. WiFi is also now critical for businesses offering products and services to older people. Older internet users are becoming increasingly tech savvy – and demanding of WiFi bandwidth.

Internet use amongst the older generations has become the norm

  • According to 2018 Office for National Statistics figures, 44% of those aged 75+ were recent internet users (that’s more than double the 2011 figure)
  • The figures also show that in the 65 to 74 age group that rose to 80%
  • In a survey for retirement home provider Anchor, 64% of respondents cited broadband as ‘very important’ for a retirement village

Why is WiFi so important for older people?

It has taken a little longer for the generations that didn’t grow up with computers, but attitudes to technology are changing.

More and more older people are using services like Skype and Facetime to see and talk to friends and family. Or Facebook and other social media apps to keep in touch, socialise and organise activities and get-togethers.

Then there’s online shopping for everything from groceries to clothes, gifts and books. Even making medical and other appointments is often easier to do online.

There are multiple uses that make life easier for those who may be less mobile. Or who just want to save their time and energy for less mundane activities. It’s also a route to avoiding the pervasion of social isolation and loneliness as well as maintaining independence.

WiFi solutions for the elderly

Problems with poor WiFi are common across generations – slow speeds, signal drop outs, dead zones. Though older people are perhaps more tolerant of these because they have lived the majority of their lives without it. Or they may be less confident to try to resolve technical issues they may not fully understand.

Whether it’s a residential property, a retirement home, a community centre or other public space catering for the elderly, the solution is essentially the same.

Specialist wireless access points installed and configured to form a seamless WiFi network, delivering fast, reliable internet connections to multiple users on multiple devices. It’s a scalable solution that will work for any size of building for any number of users.

Get help with WiFi for older people

If you’re retired, or provide services to the elderly, and struggling with poor WiFi we can help. We are experienced in helping older people get better wireless internet access. 25% of the WiFi solutions we installed last year were for retired people who just wanted WiFi that works.

If you’re in the Bristol and Bath area, contact us today for friendly local advice and a quote for your ideal WiFi solution.