slow unreliable wifi causes buffering

Do you feel like your WiFi isn’t giving you the speed you need for your smart phones, tablets and laptops?
Do you frequently see this while you’re waiting to stream something (or during the streaming)?

At best you press pause and wait for the buffer to fill. At worst, you have to give up, because the stuttering is just too much to bear.

Do you have to wait an eternity for web pages to load?

Most people don’t realise, but they are only connecting to their WiFi at 72Mbps or less.  This is OK for browsing basic web pages, but nowadays most internet pages have lots of content, and your WiFi is most likely slowing your surfing experience. The more devices you have will only exacerbate the issue.

Most WiFi routers cannot handle multiple connected devices.  Think how many wireless devices you have.  Once you’re trying to connect five or more, your WiFi router is probably not able to cope with the demands of the modern home or business.

You might have thought about adding a wireless signal repeater or WiFi extender or booster, but in most cases this won’t solve the issue, and could actually make it worse.  

Imagine driving along a busy motorway, all the lanes are full, travelling at 70mph.  Then the motorway turns into a single lane. This is what most standard WiFi routers are delivering to you.

There is a better WiFi solution for today’s connected home, business or hospitality users.  And it’s probably more affordable than you think. There isn’t any reason to settle for slow, unreliable WiFi anymore. 

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