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WiFiGuys WiFi Improvements: Customer Reviews

Here’s what some of our fantastic customers say about the WiFi improvements our wireless network solutions provide.  And if you’re thinking the problems they’ve overcome sound familiar,  contact us for friendly WiFi help and advice.

Office workers happy with WiFi improvements
We work with customers to improve WiFi and provide the best wireless experience

Stress-free home WiFi

“The WiFi Guys were brilliant from initial consultation, guidance and advice, right through to finished installation. The products are excellent and the workmanship was first-class. Dave and Carrie have transformed the WiFi network in our home allowing us to enjoy a stress-free experience. Highly recommended.”

R Chapman, Homeowner, Bath – read this review on Trustpilot
May 2024

Extremely helpful and knowledgeable

“Extremely helpful and knowledgeable, nothing was too much trouble and all for a fair and competitive price.”

Kevin B, Homeowner, Bath – read this review on Trustpilot
April 2024

Ethernet cable to extension

“Dave and Carrie provided an excellent service. I needed an ethernet cable installed to an office in an extension, so the cable needed to be run outside and around the property. They explained exactly what was needed, what they were going to do and did a very neat job, clearing everything up after the work was finished. They were also lovely to deal with, very helpful and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend them.”

Kate D, Homeowner, Alveston – read this review on Trustpilot
April 2024

Seamless WiFi in a large house

“An absolute pleasure to work with Dave and Carrie on upgrading our home Wi-Fi. They were very generous with their time and expertise upfront working out what the right solution was, and then did exactly what they said they would, when they said they would with great care and attention to detail. The result is seamless Wi-Fi at full advertised speeds all round our large and long house – very happy and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”

Jim A, Homeowner, Wrington
February 2024

Latency, lag and connection issues resolved

“Superb experience from start to finish, always considering my needs & discussing options available, and how the set up will work and look for my house / usage. The network I now have has no latency, no lag or connection issues which is perfect for home working, gaming, and many many connected devices that my household has. It has resolved all issues we were experiencing with standard providers equipment (BT) previously. Highly recommend to anyone considering upgrading their homes.”

Dan C, Homeowner, Malmesbury – read this review on Google
January 2024

Exterior ethernet installation

“Dave and Carrie originally came over in July to install some outside ethernet cabling to both our TV downstairs, and separately to a first floor desk top PC. They did a great job, install was very neat and tidy and everything worked perfectly. Unfortunately I had to call them out again in October when our 6 month old Welsh Terrier pup chewed through the ethernet at ground level that led to the first floor PC! Dave and Carrie responded quickly and came over to replace the damaged cable to restore everything back to normal. A few large and better placed flower pots and tubs look to be keeping the pooch away ( so far)! I really appreciate the work Dave and Carrie have done and especially having to come out again so soon after the first install. Would highly recommend these guys, great job, and very professionally carried out ( twice!)”

Martin K, Homeowner, Bristol – read this review on Trustpilot
December 2023

Punctual and knowledgeable

“Dave and Carrie were excellent at installing our wifi system. They were punctual, very knowledgeable and did a brilliant job. I would definitely recommend their services. Thankyou!”

Jim H, Homeowner, Failand – read this review on Google
October 2023

Professional WiFi installation team

“A very professional team that provides an excellent service. Everything was explained in non-tech terms to allow us to identify our requirements. The installation was quick and everything was left tidy. A quality service that we would recommend to anyone.”

Amy M, Homeowner, East Brent – read this review on Google or Trustpilot
September 2023

WiFi transformed

“Great job, straight talking, quick response times, clean and accurate work. Wi-Fi is transformed, regularly commented on by friends and family. Thanks Dave and Carrie”

Matt R, Homeowner, Easter Compton – read this review on Google
August 2023

Massive WiFi improvement

“Really great work by the team at WiFi guys. They have fit a brand new WiFi network across my house and it’s been such a massive improvement over our BT hub system. They were a pleasure to have in the house, thoughtful and did their work to a fantastic standard. I’d highly recommend to anyone with spotty WiFi!”

Peter D, Homeowner, Warmley – read this review on Google or Trustpilot
August 2023

Enjoyable interaction and great advice

“Dave and Carrie were very professional throughout all interactions and gave some great advice to help during and post installation. They were both very enjoyable to interact with and took utmost care with the work they were doing. Would recommend!”

Lawrence C, Homeowner, Bristol – read this review on Google
May 2023

Studio WiFi working perfectly

“We are very pleased with the work you have done to extend the WiFi out to my husband’s studio, it is working perfectly.  Your predictions about how long it would take were spot on, and all done very tidily, so thank you very much.”

Sue B, Homeowner, Bristol
May 2023

Professional point-to-point WiFi

“Dave and Carrie were superb from start to finish. They’re professional, knowledgeable, and will tell you what they think is the best solution for you, not for them! They took the time to explain exactly what they were doing, as well as answering any questions I had. They have very high standards for their installations, and want everything to not only work well, but look as good as possible too. I’d recommend them without a moment’s hesitation.”

Richard S, Homeowner, Malmesbury – read this review on Trustpilot
May 2023

Persistent WiFi problem sorted

“I had a long-standing Wi-Fi issue in my garden ‘den’. WiFiGuys solved the problem with a clever solution. They were punctual, the communication was superb and the outcome absolutely fantastic – we now have super fast Wi-Fi where we couldn’t get it before. If you have a coverage issue or need Wi-Fi in a remote place don’t hesitate to use these guys.”

Sara A, Homeowner, Pill – read this review on Trustpilot
May 2023

High quality, robust & future proofed WiFi

Living in a Victorian house in Bristol we had been struggling with a ropey MESH wi-fi network that could never quite quite penetrate our thick walls.  We were getting 200mbps+ from our Virgin Media internet service but only if we were in the same room as the router!  Elsewhere around the house the MESH signal dropped off quickly and we were typically only getting around 20mbps.  And that’s not to mention the frequent network crashes and reboots.

I contacted Dave@WifiGuys to see if he could set up a better solution for us and we were impressed with Dave’s recommendation for a wired system with Wi-Fi access points that would then deliver the same 200mbps+ in every room of the house.  Whilst the cost was going to be significantly more than our few mesh units ordered from Amazon, we decided that putting in a high quality, robust and future proofed wi-fi system would be a huge benefit for kids doing schoolwork, us working from our home office as well as TV streaming, SONOS sound system throughout the house, gaming etc., and that the investment would be worth it.

What a good decision! From the initial home survey that Dave and Carrie made, to their meticulous installation, clean-up and system handover; Dave and Carrie have been brilliant.  They worked hard to find a solution that would be the least intrusive, running cables under floorboards or well-hidden on outside walls, and the Ubiquiti Wi-Fi points are also nicely tucked away out of sight.  It’s now been great removing the tangle of old co-axial and network cables dangling off our house! The system was up and running with no hitches and we have full 200mbps+ all over the house, garden and garage with no drop off.  Dave and Carrie were a pleasure to work with.  They cleaned up meticulously every day and at the end of the job, even getting a carpet back down just like the carpet fitter’s original job.

We have no hesitation in giving WiFiGuys an outstanding, 5 star recommendation and only wish that we hadn’t struggled on with our MESH system for 2 years!  Many thanks to Dave and Carrie for the wonderful job they did for us.

Paul C, Homeowner, Bristol – read this review on Trustpilot
January 2023

Garden studio point-to-point WiFi

“Dave and Carrie installed a point to point bridge connection between our house and garden studio, where we’ve now got full speed and maximum strength WiFi (and wired). The set-up is unobtrusive and flexible. Great job!”

Julian F, Homeowner, nr Axbridge – read this review on Google
January 2023

Perfect WiFi for gaming, video calls & streaming

“Dave & Carrie provided a marvellous service for us. We now have perfect reliable WiFi throughout our house for gaming, work video calls, and streaming. From the initial survey to the installation they were extremely knowledgeable, friendly, tidy, and efficient. I would highly recommend WiFiGuys.”

Maugan T, Homeowner, Bristol
December 2022

Reliable networking in an older house

“WiFiGuys listened to what we wanted, and did a great job. Living in an older house there were unexpected issues – including a slight plumbing malfunction – and they coped with all of it. We’ve had no issues with the installed network, and you wouldn’t know they’d been in the place pulling up floorboards and drilling. Highly recommended.”

Damian S, Homeowner, Bristol – read this review on Google or Trustpilot
December 2022

WiFi solution for garden office headache

“Thank you to Dave and Carrie for designing and installing permanent wired WiFi solution from house to office at bottom of 100 foot garden. Excellent signal in the office and operating very effectively. Very happy with service and solved a major headache for us.”

Homeowner, Bristol – read this review on Trustpilot
November 2022

Cost-effective, stable & reliable WiFi

“Dave and Carrie provided a meticulous, cost-effective, professional and responsive service. Our network is now stable and coverage in the building is much better; video calls are much more reliable. The work was carried out to budget, on time and with minimal fuss and disruption; paperwork and contractual agreements were clear and helpful; personally, they were very pleasant and helpful to deal with.”

Jerry G, Homeowner, Bristol – read this review on Google or Trustpilot
November 2022

The perfect WiFi solution

“We are delighted with the great service we had with WiFiGuys. They delivered the perfect solution for us in a very timely and professional way. We cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Richard C, Homeowner, Purton – read this review on Trustpilot
November 2022

Fast internet to an outbuilding

“If you need a high quality service and an excellent internet connection in your outbuilding or shed please do not look any further! Dave and Carrie were so professional and lovely people to deal with, they did such a quick and high quality work and now I have an internet coverage in my outbuilding (~15 meters away from my house at the end of the garden) that is even faster and better than my wifi in the house, I cannot recommend them highly enough!”

Karin P, Homeowner, Bristol – read this review on Google
November 2022

Professional home networking solution

“Dave & Carrie were incredible. They managed to find a very efficient solution to our complex 3-level house networking problems when they came to quote. Throughout the work they were extremely unobtrusive and professional. After the initial work, the boiler room had no WiFi (my fault I had forgotten this needed WiFi coverage) and they came to the rescue with another creative solution. We couldn’t be more pleased with the end result. Cannot recommend enough.”

Julien B, Homeowner, Bristol – read this review on Google
October 2022

Exterior WiFi set up

“We received great service from the WiFiGuys. Dave was really good at explaining everything and provided some great kit to enable our exterior WiFi set up across our property as well as being really mindful to make the install clean and really tidy. Would recommend.”

James H, Homeowner, Somerset – read this review on Google
October 2022

Professional, friendly service

“Excellent professional and friendly service, and great value, highly recommended”

Pete L, Homeowner, Bath – read this review on Trustpilot or Google
October 2022

WiFi that works wonderfully

“Would highly recommend Dave and Carrie from WiFiGuys, exactly as indicated at the initial survey.  They listened, investigated and provided a variety of different options/solutions for discussion.  Completed the work in an efficient and effective manner and most importantly it all works wonderfully.  Thank you.”

Sharon H, Homeowner, Oldbury
September 2022

WiFi for a 2 up, 2 down terrace

“This installation was for a 2 up 2 down terraced house with loft conversion in St Werburghs Bristol. We required full WiFi coverage throughout the house and also in the garden.

The WiFiGuys did an initial inspection which showed 3 access points (2 internal) would be required. The internal APs were placed in the front and back bedrooms with each one providing coverage for that side of the house due to the brick stairwell blocking signals going from front to back. The garden access point was placed on the outermost point of the utility room which sticks out into the garden. They discussed how the cable could be routed and gave a quote with the option of saving 1k if I did the routing myself. After much thought about optimal cable routing I opted to do the cable myself and also lay down extra cable for 3 ethernet sockets. I bought the 300m excel cable so had plenty to play with. I contacted the WiFiGuys several times for tips on how to lay the cables and they gave very quick and detailed replies. With the cabling done the WiFiGuys came and fitted the access points and set up the new switch and cloud key and walked me through using the android phone app. They also tidied up the cable on the outside of the house where I had left it loose to allow adjustment for the installation. I was working from home whilst this was going on and the switchover to the new equipment was quick and trouble free. Post installation I was sent more detailed instruction on how to navigate the switch GUI should I need to update the firmware etc. No issues since installation which was a couple of months ago. I haven’t changed any switch settings and don’t intend to unless required to. In the end I had 3 APs and 3 ethernet sockets all hooked up to the new switch plus the edge router lite which I was already using. Overall setup is talk talk broadband (not FTTH) with draytek modem + edge router lite + ubiquiti switch + cloud key. Very pleased with the end result – would recommend the WiFiGuys to others!”

James B, Homeowner, Bristol – read this review on Trustpilot
July 2022

Better WiFi results than we dared hope

“We give these ‘guys’ five stars. There is no doubt that they delivered for us, we have slow internet because of an ancient BT telephone line which shows no sign of being replaced. We were aware that the signal distribution within the house was poor and unreliable but we had no way of knowing whether the problem was primarily the input to the house or the distribution within. The WiFiGuys convinced us they could help and they achieved results better than we could have dared hope. We now have reliable internet throughout our home, so good in fact that it seems as if the speed has improved, which of course it hasn’t, but our ability to use what we have has made life a lot better. The cost may appear daunting but it was worth every penny.”

Sonja B, Homeowner, Midsomer Norton – read this review on Trustpilot or Google
June 2022

Linking home broadband to an outbuilding

“Dave and Carrie provided an excellent service for a small domestic project, linking our home broadband to an outbuilding, separated by a private route shared by our neighbours. Prior to the work starting at the house, communication with Dave and Carrie was excellent, clearly establishing the project requirements and quickly identifying the best solution. Work at the property went smoothly from the start, Dave and Carrie worked with us throughout the day to find the best solution and were neat and tidy throughout. The end product has met and exceeded our hopes and expectations and we would not hesitate to engage their services again in the future. Overall a pleasure to work with them both on the project and delighted with the results.”

Martin K, Homeowner, Box, Wiltshire
May 2022

WiFi in safe hands

“Our business needed WiFi hardwired to an outbuilding, so we got in touch with WiFiGuys.  They did an initial visit, and went through the options available to us, explaining everything thoroughly.  Not knowing much about this area, or the technology, we were relieved to find we were in safe hands.  We quickly received a no obligation quote, and once a date was arranged, everything was installed and set up within a couple of days.  Since installation we’ve had no problems at all, but we know that if have any questions or queries, WiFiGuys are on hand to offer help and advice. We are very pleased with the service provided, and would thoroughly recommend WiFiGuys.”

Amy U, Frome
May 2022

Super fast internet across two sites

“I had poor internet and live in a large house with lots of blind spots and an outbuilding with no internet. I need to use 4G internet to get any kind of internet speeds. I had tried to contact lots of local WiFi people but nobody seemed interested. WiFiGuys came to my rescue. They installed WiFi across my house with hardwired nodes, used an aerial to shoot the signal to my outbuilding and picked up and put nodes out there. They ‘piggy backed’ 2 4G providers (EE & Vodafone) so the internet was less volatile and put in an external aerial so now I have super fast internet across 2 sites. I could not be more happy. But most importantly, they were a charming 2 person team, punctual, considerate and a pleasure to have working through the house. Thank you guys!”

Harry B, Homeowner, Westbury – read this review on Trustpilot
March 2022

Amazing WiFi, beautifully hidden

“Dave & Carrie were brilliant. They assessed our rambling Old Rectory and the hot-potch of existing devices and wiring and then strategically placed new coverage so we have great WiFi across the entire building and gardens. Our walls are very thick and its always been a problem. We now have amazing WiFi, beautifully hidden and fitted and professionally finished. Great job.”

Clive H, Homeowner, Doynton – read this review on Trustpilot
February 2022

Job done quickly & efficiently

“Dave and Carrie from WiFiGuys were brilliant to work with. The job was done quickly and efficiently. Everything was well explained throughout the process. And they were super personable and easy to work with. We would highly recommended their service.”

Tom B, Homeowner, Bath – read this review on Trustpilot or Facebook
February 2022

Simply amazing WiFi!

“Well what can I say…. Simply amazing. We have struggled for a long time with intermittent WiFi, made more frustrating during lockdown. WiFiGuys came in and completed a very thorough survey of the property. We agreed a plan which should have taken 3 days, the efficiency was fabulous and the whole installation was completed in 2 days. Since then we have not had a single WiFi issue even right at the far end of the garden. Like I said…. Simply amazing.”

Melanie W, Homeowner, Trowbridge
November 2021

Attention to detail & professionalism

“I have had problems with my WiFi since moving in to my thick walled Victorian terrace 8 years ago. This has now been solved thanks to the WiFiGuys. I was impressed by the attention to detail, professionalism, and commitment to causing as little mess as possible.”

Andy H, Homeowner, Bristol
November 2021

Garage & home office WiFi sorted

“We have been delighted with the service and products provided by WiFiGuys to provide internet from our house to our garage and home office. Dave is very professional and we liked how he took time to understand our situation and what we needed before making his recommendations. The solution he recommended and implemented has met our needs exactly.  The implementation was painless and great care was taken with our property. We would not hesitate to recommend their services.”

Matt R, Homeowner, Bath
February 2020

Valuable business partner

“WiFiGuys have been a valuable partner of ours for a number of years now. We had always struggled with our office internet until we met with Dave who has since installed an inclusive system at two of our sites, always on time, always offering the best advice.”

Joe S, ExclusiveGP, Bristol – read this review on Google, Trustpilot or Facebook
January 2020

Discrete cabling & reliable high speed connection

“A family of 5 we live in central Bristol over 4 stories in an old house and have always struggled to get WiFi connectivity from a single router. Plug in boosters were slow and unreliable and a do it yourself internet bought system failed within 2 months.  WiFiGuys presented a solution that required minimum disruption and discrete cabling and completed installation in 2 days. We now have reliable high speed connection over all areas of the house. And despite me forgetting to move any furniture and the fridge before they arrived!! Many thanks. I can highly recommend them.”

James L, Homeowner, Bristol
January 2020

Straightforward & good value

“First a very helpful and evidenced based introduction. Very accommodating on my rather difficult timetable; minimum of upheaval and thoroughly tested at the end of the installation. I was grateful to have it all explained to me with options. Straight forward settlement process and good value. “

Rosemary H, Homeowner, Bristol
December 2019

WiFi service above & beyond!

“Very professional and efficient!! Dave was happy to pop back with some initial teething problems and went above and beyond. Very happy and would highly recommend. “

Jayne K, Homeowner, Chew Valley
November 2019

Old house/thick walls – WiFi problems solved

“We live in an old house with very thick walls that prevent decent WiFi reception in all parts of the property. Dave provided us with a great service and a great product. We now have perfect reception in every part of the house, disruption was minimal and all provided with cheerful enthusiasm. Very happy to thoroughly recommend WiFiGuys to solve difficult WiFi problems.”

Bruce H, Homeowner, Bath
September 2019

Fully working WiFi over 3 floor Victorian town house

“Having suffered with very bad WiFi signals within our Victorian Town House and going through every type of extender on the market, we decided to invest in a more permanent and workable solution. Dave installed WiFi throughout the 3 floors of our house and also in the garden. The installation could not have gone better, there was minimal disruption and great care was taken working around our furniture, fixtures and fittings. Dave’s knowledge of the product and how to install with the property was extensive and we now have a fully working WiFi solution throughout every part of my house. I would highly recommend Dave and the WiFi Guys to carry out your fixed WiFi solution.”

Jason R, Homeowner, Wickwar
September 2019

A WiFi solution that suits our lifestyle

“Dave did a fab job with our WiFi, our house is old and has a tricky layout but Dave assured me that he could get coverage throughout. Dave is knowledgeable and professional and ensured that his WiFi solutions suited us and our lifestyle. The job was tidy and efficient and has made such a difference to our online lives! would 100% recommend Dave and his team. Also, they love dogs. “

Jennie A, Homeowner, Bradford-on-Avon
August 2019

Reaping the benefits of super-fast broadband via the WiFi

“Thank you both for your very professional approach and excellent solutions to our WiFi problems.  Living rurally, in an old house with 3ft thick walls, has always proved challenging when it comes to technology. It’s great now that we’re actually able to appreciate the benefits of our super-fast broadband; we’re spoilt for choice.

Thank you, also, for your neat and tidy workmanship, it was a real pleasure to have you both in the house.  We highly recommend your WiFi Solutions.”

Teresa G, Homeowner, North Somerset
July 2019

WiFi cover for the whole family

“We have been delighted with the service we have received from WiFiGuys.  Dave was incredibly responsive – from our initial query to the final fit.  His advice on WiFi solutions to suit our house was so helpful – assisting us to make the right decisions and to ensure we ended up with excellent coverage throughout the entire house.  He also worked seamlessly with our builders, so that by the time our extension was completed, we now have the WiFi cover that we need for the whole family.”

Roger B, Homeowner, Bristol
June 2019

Neat & tidy installation; vast improvement in WiFi speed

“As an owner of an old house with thick internal walls, we have never had fast reliable WiFi, despite a very fast Virgin Media connection to the house. Having tried many solutions over recent years, none of which really addressed the issues of poor WiFi speeds, I decided to find a specialist company that could provide a long-term reliable solution. Fortunately I came across Dave, he was incredibly thorough on his initial visit taking the time to explain things and reassure me that there was a solution to my problem.
On arriving at the house to start the work, there was quite a lot of disruption, lifting floorboards, drilling etc, but despite this, by the end of each day there was very little mess or disruption and once the job was complete I had nothing but a neat and tidy installation and needless to say a vast improvement to my WiFi speed in every area of the house. Throughout the installation, Dave communicated everything on a daily basis so that, whilst not present at the installation, I was fully aware of what was going on.
I’m so glad I came across WiFiGuys and am happy to add my name to the long list of glowing testimonials they have received.”

Adrian D, Homeowner, Frampton Cotterell
June 2019

Couldn’t go back to slow/no WiFi!

“Dave fitted a wireless solution for us and we are over the moon with the results! Communication and explanation was fantastic, which was needed not being a IT wiz! Dave was courteous and left no mess – you would hardly know he was there! We have great WiFi signal throughout, the difference is amazing – could not go back slow / no WiFi in areas again! Thanks Dave.”

Clare R, Homeowner, Bristol
March 2019

Unobtrusive and trouble-free WiFi throughout the house

“Having now lived with the WiFi kit you installed – involving hard wire & room receivers – for several weeks we are really pleased and at last our WiFi signal throughout the house is trouble free. We really appreciate the care you took with the installation, it is neat & unobtrusive. Many thanks for the excellent personal service you gave – we do not hesitate to recommend you.”

Stuart F, Homeowner, Bristol
January 2019

Perfect WiFi coverage with minimal disruption

“I live in a large, listed Edwardian House set over three floors and with very thick internal and external walls. I have never been able to achieve satisfactory WiFi coverage, but with the advent of more and more technology, such as smart TVs, the situation became untenable and I decided to instruct a specialist firm to sort it out.
Dave from WiFiGuys came for an initial visit to scope the project, and advised that the situation could be rectified, including WiFi in my long garden which stretches about 50 metres from the house and where I have never had any coverage whatsoever.
Dave, with help from his partner, arrived as agreed the following week and was with us for three days. A lot of floorboards had to be lifted to fit the necessary wiring and equipment, so there was some disruption, but it was kept to a minimum, and was cleaned up immaculately at the end of the project. Apart from the perfect WiFi coverage which is now everywhere in the house and garden, you would not be able to tell that the installation took place. There was no disruption to the decorations in the house at all. We now have our own dedicated network which works everywhere.
Obviously this was not inexpensive, but the house is now future proof to technology advancement dependent on WiFi and was worth every penny.”

Nick R, Homeowner, Bristol
January 2019

Church WiFi installation

“WiFiGuys gave transparent and responsive assistance with the installation of services for a Church renovation in Bristol. The aftercare provided has been of great use as well, as a company we will certainly use WiFiGuys on future projects.”

Hart Design & Construction Ltd, Frome
December 2018

Complete WiFi coverage, even on the patio!

“We contacted Dave to make enquiries about improving WiFi coverage in our home.  He came out to see us a few days later and undertook a free site survey to identify and understand some of the challenges we were experiencing with connectivity.  Everything he explained was logical, and he then proposed a number of possible solutions tailored to our usage needs.  We agreed on a solution and the following week he spent a day in our house installing new kit.  The outcome exceeded our expectations and we now have complete coverage, even on the patio.  We were really impressed with his knowledge, expertise and especially attention to ensuring the aesthetics of our home did not suffer unduly.  We had one small teething problem a day later and Dave immediately came back and resolved it for us.  Initially we were undecided whether to manage with patchy WiFi (as we had for several years) or spend a reasonable amount of money to sort troublesome issues.  We are so glad we contacted Dave. There was no obligation to proceed after his visit and we feel our investment in upgrading our home was well spent.  Thanks very much Dave.  We have no hesitation in recommending you.”

Peter & Michelle M, Homeowners, Bath
August 2018
WiFi improvements prevent black spots damaging property value

Point-to-point WiFi

“I am absolutely delighted with the work Dave from WiFiGuys completed in setting up a point-to-point system at my property in Bath.  I asked Dave to recommend the most appropriate and effective system and when he arrived to assess the situation he also brought along examples of the device he was going to give me a quote on, which was very helpful. Dave provided a detailed quote including all the technical details of the system he was recommending along with pictures, so I could see what system looked like.  Dave completed the work quickly and cleanly explaining everything when asked.  Once completed he followed up the fix with a detailed email explaining the whole system along with a reminder of the passwords we set up and how to change them etc.  I would highly recommend Dave and WiFiGuys to anyone.”

Nigel E, Homeowner, Bath
May 2018

WiFi improvements worth investing in

“The WiFi is working great now — you made a real difference and were definitely worth the investment.”

John S, Homeowner and Home Office User, Clifton
April 2018

Great WiFi coverage for new build

“I moved into a new build property whose design/structure created some real obstacles to achieving good WiFi coverage. After a couple of false starts I contacted Dave at WiFi Guys. He came round promptly to do a free survey, and then implemented the agreed solution a few days later. Now I have great coverage throughout. From the outset Dave was friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and did exactly what he said he’d do. I would certainly use this company again and would have no hesitation in recommending WiFiGuys.”

Homeowner, Lansdown, Bath
April 2018

Wireless through thick walls

“The broadband/WiFi in our semi-rural, thick-walled house was absolutely awful! At best the signal was weak but kept dropping out so that it was a nightmare. TP links helped a little but it was still useless!  I contacted Dave and he came and fitted a superb access point in the central part of our house (upstairs landing) and we now have absolutely fantastic coverage!!!! There are no black spots, the WiFi is stable and now absolutely brilliant!  A huge thank you to Dave as we are all now delighted with our WiFi – it must be good as the resident teenagers are overjoyed!  I would (and have) recommended WiFiGuys to friends/neighbours and colleague – absolutely brilliant – highly professional, very knowledgeable, neat and thorough. Fantastic job.  WiFi totally transformed here – wish I hadn’t messed around for so long!!”

Mark Y, Homeowner, Yate
March 2018

WiFi improvements delivered, no hard sell

“I contacted Dave in desperation as the WiFi in our house kept on cutting out and we were at our wits’ end. From his first visit I felt as though I was talking with someone who a) knew what he was doing and b) wasn’t trying to sell me something I didn’t need. I was also very impressed with the standard of his work – he went to great efforts to make the wiring blend in as much as possible and everything was cleaned up beautifully.  Will definitely use him again – highly recommended.”

Victoria H, Homeowner, Bath
February 2018

Consistently good WiFi speeds

“We have Virgin Media as our ISP.  The broadband speed is very good but the WiFi speed was variable, ranging from OK in some rooms to virtually unobtainable in others. We had used Devolo Powerline to make things better but things were still far from ideal as each had a separate domain such that we had to switch between them for the best speed.  In desperation I searched for a good WiFi company, found Dave and had a chat with him about our problems.  He came to our house and gave a demo using an Access Point solution which worked well.  He came back a few days later to fit and configure an Access Point, which has resolved all our problems.  We now get consistently good WiFi speeds everywhere in the house (over 3 floors and behind solid walls).  The management software makes monitoring usage very simple even though it has a lot more functionality than I need.”

Rob R, Homeowner
February 2018
WiFi improvements help prevent family arguments

Happy teenagers!

“I cannot recommend this company highly enough.  Neat, tidy and an expert in his field. Very good explanation of what was needed to fulfill the requirements of a house full of teenagers.  They are all happy and Dave’s skill and expertise has made my life so much easier.  No more nagging teenagers who are data hungry and I can work in peace any where in my very thick walled Devon cob house.”

Neal H, Homeowner, Cullompton

WiFi knowledge

“Dave from WiFiGuys was very knowledgeable and sorted our longstanding WiFi problem out very efficiently and I would highly recommend him.”

Tina, Business Owner, Bristol

Friendly service, huge WiFi improvements

“WiFiGuys solved our WiFi and network problems with a few hours work and careful selection of kit.  Our rambling ranch is now WiFi accessible across two thirds of an acre and fixed devices are hard wired into the network.  Great stuff.  Friendly service and attention to detail.  Go for it – you know you want a decent network.”

Steve J, Homeowner

WiFi an essential utility

“This is a great business. WiFi has become a utility and too many of us accept a solution straight from the ISP that just doesn’t work in our rather solid Edwardian house.  With Dave’s help we talked through what we really needed and he came up with a bespoke solution that means we now get uninterrupted WiFi throughout the house. We are quite used to calling out plumbers and electricians, but the service Dave offers is just the same for the equally important WiFi.  Had previously looked online for such a business to help us without much success.  The one so-called WiFi consultant we did manage to speak to suggested we used homeplugs and refused to come out to our house. We already had lots of homeplugs, but they don’t really help.  Then when Dave’s card came through our door I thought “hallelujah” someone has spotted a business opportunity for just what we needed.  And he has not disappointed.”

Alan C, Homeowner, Bath

No more WiFi complaints from tenants

“Thanks for the efficient service and an excellent product; our tenants no longer have the need to keep contacting us complaining that their WiFi isn’t working properly.”

Oh! Happy Days Ltd., landlords of student properties, Bath
Offering reliable bar and cafe WiFi improvements crucial to repeat business and happy customers

Annoying delays a thing of the past

“Marvellous work!  Been hobbling along promising to upgrade our system for ages.  Finally got round to it and wish we did it ages ago.  Didn’t realise how easy it would be.  I can now get films easily anywhere in the house without that annoying delay.  Thanks for your help.  All the best with your venture.”

Julianne M, Homeowner, Bath

WiFi improvements = no more moaning kids!

“I had the normal issues with WiFi at home and decided to do something about it as kids were always moaning about bad connections and loss of signal.  I was a little bit sceptical at the claim WifiGuys made, but I can honestly say without a doubt its like chalk and cheese the difference they have made.  No longer do I have to stand one end of the kitchen to stream Netflix.  It’s also now such a good signal it works in the garage and shed.  Kids have their own network which cuts out at bedtime.  Thank you.”

David S, Homeowner

Survey helps identify WiFi improvements

“Helpful and knowledgeable – a quick survey of the house easily identified problem areas and Dave could offer various solutions.  No hard sell and we now have vastly improved signal strength and quality throughout the house.  Very happy to recommend.”

Rob P, Homeowner, Bristol

WiFi signal improvement throughout the house

“We were previously using a BT Hub 5 and TP Link extenders for our home WiFi coverage.  We would have issues roaming between the hub and the extenders and the speeds were generally pretty poor with a few mobile devices connected.  Now the coverage is excellent and we have a good solid signal to almost every type of device that we have used them with.  This has truly awakened my WiFi, as most mobile devices are now connected to the 5ghz channel the speed of everything on the 2.4ghz channel has improved immensely.  I really cannot praise enough.”

Sam G, Homeowner, Bath

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