WiFi devices have conquered our homes – now they’re gunning for our gardens

As the weather improves it seems even the natural world is having to smarten up its act.  Garden WiFi devices are here and their numbers are only going to grow. 

Gadgets range from robot lawnmowers to smart sprinklers that use online weather forecasts to calculate water usage.

But let’s face it, for most of us just being able to browse the web in the sunshine is becoming more than a ‘nice to have’.

Why most WiFi struggles in the garden

The trouble is, if you’re using the WiFi from your home router, you might struggle even with basic web browsing outdoors. In fact, your router probably struggles to cope with demand inside your home, let alone outside. For most, garden WiFi is as fleeting as a dandelion clock in a stiff breeze.

There are a number of reasons for this:

  • The signal from your internal wireless network isn’t strong enough
  • There may be interference, for example from your neighbours’ WiFi
  • There are signal-blocking materials impeding the signal – particularly external walls which tend to be thicker than internal ones

Why a DIY approach might be a false economy

The obvious solution may seem to be outdoor WiFi extenders.  But if you’ve ever experienced the internal versions of these devices then expect nothing more from the external ones.

Poor signal strength, drop-outs, inability to cope with more than a few devices connected at a time – they suffer the same drawbacks.  Too many wireless broadcast devices competing for bandwidth and ultimately clashing. (Think trying to make yourself heard in a lively bar just before closing time).

The secret to great garden WiFi

In reality, the most reliable way to get WiFi to your garden is to think of it as part of your overall home wireless network. Adding an outdoor WiFi extender or booster to your existing set up is unlikely to leave you happily surfing in a sea of super-strength outdoor WiFi.

The best way to extend your WiFi signal to your garden is a dedicated wireless network for your whole home. Replace your router’s WiFi, plus any extenders, boosters or other wireless broadcast devices. Install specialist wireless access points instead.

The external WiFi then simply becomes an extension of the same network, using access points designed for outdoor use. All working harmoniously together for a seamless experience wherever you are, inside or out.

No drop-outs, buffering or weak signal areas.

Get help with your garden WiFi upgrade

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