Years ago, in simpler times, the strangest Christmas gifts you received were probably things like a singing fish or a small plastic pot of goo.  Nowadays the boom in connected devices has opened up a whole new avenue of dubious gift inspiration. The chances are you’ll receive at least one ‘smart’ gizmo this Christmas.  (With any luck it won’t be on this list!)  But if, like many, you don’t have the best multiple device WiFi, you could be left frustrated.

Here’s our festive rundown of some ‘favourite’ oddities from the weird world of modern WiFi devices…


1. The smork

If you were impressed when the spork was invented, this will blow your mind.  Yes, it’s a smart fork that tells you if you’re eating too fast.  (If the post Christmas dinner bloat and raging heartburn aren’t enough of a clue.)

2. Need some chill out coaching: wireless meditation assistant

In our always on the go, target driven, data analysing world it seems even our down time is now being up sold.  This mindfulness control device helps you set goals for relaxing (an oxymoron, surely?) and gently punishes you for straying from the zen path.  Seriously.

3. 21st century pest control: smart mosquito killer

When a rolled up magazine is just too old skool.

4. For the garden/outdoor enthusiast who has everything: WiFi rock

Five hundred quid for a lump of rock?  Oh wait, no, it’s a wildlife spy camera.  For those who find that watching the latest David Attenborough doc just doesn’t quite cut it.

5. AI dog walkie talkie (also fires treats)

Have a video chat (yes, the audio on this pet lovers’ must-have is two-way) with your pooch when he’s left home alone.  Maybe toss a treat or two at the touch of a smart phone screen.  Solve separation anxieties (yours or his) in one smart swoop.

6. A wireless juicer

Seems like a great idea.  A convenient way to glug your way to your five a day.  It can even order more fruit packs when you’re running low.  Sadly, downsides include not working if your WiFi isn’t.  Also, ‘scientific’ testing has shown you can get similar results by simply squeezing the pre-packed bags of fruit with your bare hands.  Over-engineering at its Silicon Valley finest.

7. For the florally-challenged: smart plant monitor

If the drooping, yellowing leaves aren’t enough of a clue, this one’s for you.


And now for the creepiest smart gadget trend: wireless spy cameras

Search ‘wifi gadgets’ on and it’s pretty disturbing how many clandestine video recording devices you’ll find.  They come in many forms, including a remote control toy car, an alarm clock and a pair of glasses.  Although not particularly strange in themselves, the consumer demand driving their abundance surely should raise a few questions about the current moral climate.  There have also been well documented security concerns around hacking of these devices.  The Internet of Things is renowned for being at the forefront of innovation, but unfortunately not security.

Coming soon: WiFi toilet controlled by Alexa

Ever wished your ‘throne’ could heat up its own seat, lift the lid for you, play your favourite tunes and flush, all at Alexa’s command?  Sadly it looks like you might have to wait for this one to hit your local DIY store, but hey, it’s one to look forward to.  And probably in the not too distant future.


In conclusion: the IoT juggernaut rolls on

It seems there’s no first world problem that can’t be solved with an over-engineered, Apple-influence designed, highly technical smart gadget.  Accompanied, of course, by it’s very own ultra convenient, super simple, oh so up to the minute smart phone app.

The innovation is fascinating to watch as it evolves, often at break neck speed.  On the whole the truly beneficial smart tech outweighs the more outlandish gadgets of more dubious useful function.  But aside from security, there’s another big concern the Internet of Things raises. 

The biggest problem looming is the capacity of home WiFi networks to cope with the boom in bandwidth demand from smart home devices.  Even some of the better multiple device WiFi routers and mesh systems on the market at the moment can only cope with a limited number of connected devices at a time.  And if you’re still using the WiFi on your free router from your ISP (internet service provider), plus maybe a few WiFi boosters or extenders, you’re probably maxed out at less than ten devices.


Time to invest in your home networking?

Think how much of your hard earned cash you’ve spent on connected tech and smart devices.  You don’t get much (if any) change from a thousand pounds for a high end smart phone these days.  Then there’s tablets, laptops, printers, TVs, sound systems, heating, security cameras, games consoles, the list keeps growing, all making demands of your limited bandwidth.  If you don’t invest in a WiFi network fit for your smart tech to function effectively, it could end up being next to useless. 

Maybe it’s time to think differently about home networking, or risk being left behind by the smart revolution.


The best WiFi for multiple devices

Signal drop outs, buffering and slow internet connections are all signs your WiFi is suffering from overcrowding.  And it’s probably because you have the wrong equipment for the job.  The best multiple device WiFi comes from wireless access points hard-wired into your router.  (But the ISPs won’t tell you that because they can’t currently provide it.)


Get help with multiple device WiFi

If you’re in the Bristol and Bath area we can help by installing WiFi systems that are truly designed to work with multiple devices – literally hundreds if that’s what you need.

Get in touch today for a free WiFi survey and quote for your ideal multiple device WiFi solution.


And of course, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!