Are you experiencing any of these annoying symptoms with your WiFi?

  • Slow, unreliable connection?
  • Frustrating dropouts?
  • Difficulty connecting in some areas of the house but not others?
  • Buffering or intermittent performance?
  • Problems with your network?
  • Poor WiFi signal strength?
  • Having to turn your router off and on again to get your WiFi working?
  • Having to regularly do this again and again?

And have you maybe thought it’s because your house is large, or old, or spread out?  Or because that is what you accept as ‘normal’ WiFi?


Time to lose your unreliable WiFi

Installing our WiFi access point devices can help.

We are experts at overcoming every problem that WiFi can throw at us. Using our state of the art diagnostics, WiFi scanning, repair tools and Wireless Access points not available on the high street.  

We will ensure you get connectivity wherever you want it.

We can help to:

  • Fix frustrating unreliable connections
  • Eliminate dead spots
  • Extend coverage throughout your home
  • Improve your wireless sound systems (Bose and Sonos etc.)
  • Improve your WiFi speed and performance

We’re experienced in all kinds of installations, with network technologies designed to minimise disruption by making use of existing wiring where possible.  We are specialists in the use of the correct analytic tools to optimise your signal, to give you a reliable connection with the minimum of fuss.

Time to lose the unreliable WiFi you have come to accept as ‘normal’.

Our WiFi devices do not need to be periodically restarted to correct issues. They work as you should expect, reliably.

Contact us today for friendly WiFi help and advice in the Bristol and Bath area.