Most of us want to do more with our home broadband than look up grumpy cat pictures.  But if you suffer WiFi signal issues, that’s all you might be stuck with. 

It doesn’t have to be that way!


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 Sound familiar?

If any of the following sound familiar, contact us today (or tomorrow, no pressure!) for a free WiFi survey; we can definitely help…

  • Your wireless internet is slow, unreliable and the signal often drops out.
  • You keep having to reboot your router to ‘wake-up’ the WiFi.
  • You’ve spent hours on the phone to your internet and/or phone provider but they just tell you there’s nothing wrong with the broadband line so there’s nothing they can do about your slow internet.
  • You bought some WiFi boosters/extenders/repeaters off Amazon (or similar) but they didn’t make any difference.
  • Your kids are moaning at you because the WiFi doesn’t work in their bedroom/at all.
  • In fact they’ve started to avoid coming home so they can use the WiFi at school/their friend’s house/MacDonald’s.
  • Your house has thick walls so some rooms are total WiFi dead zones.
  • You want to scream every time the buffering icon appears at a crucial moment in that show you’re addicted to on Netflix.
  • In desperation you decided to chuck some money at a fancy new mesh whole home WiFi system.  Sadly that didn’t do the trick either and now the 30 day money back trial period has expired.


How can WiFiGuys help?

OK, we can’t recover the money you’ve probably already wasted on WiFi boosting gadgets that promised much and failed to deliver.  

What we can definitely do is make sure you don’t waste any more time, effort, money or sanity on WiFi fixes that just don’t work.


With a WiFiGuys home WiFi solution you get:

  • A free WiFi survey to uncover all your WiFi issues and work out the best solution to fit your needs and budget.
  • Specialist wireless installation from a friendly, Bath-based WiFi engineer.
  • Reliable WiFi that maximises your broadband speed, wherever you need it in your home.  (Including the garden or outbuildings if that’s where it’s needed.)

Check out these testimonials to find out what some of our customers think.

And if you’re at the end of your tether, stop putting up with bad WiFi and get it sorted.  Contact us for some WiFi therapy!