Your WiFi has cut out yet again.  You’re forced to turn your router off and on for what seems like the hundredth time that day.  Could there be a malevolent little figure cackling away to itself somewhere I wonder?  It can certainly seem like it if you’re haunted by the symptoms of a poor WiFi signal.

Wireless signal drop-outs, patchy connections and buffering.  WiFi gremlins can cause havoc, but are often tricky to hunt down and even harder to eliminate.

Firstly, you need to find the source of your poor WiFi signal.  The trouble is, this could be many things.  Or a combination of different factors that create a perfect storm of WiFi misery.  The WiFi gremlin is cunning and can multiply at will.


Some likely bad WiFi culprits

  • Signal interference – from neighbours’ wireless routers or electrical appliances (particularly microwaves), and even your own WiFi boosters.
  • WiFi blockers – including underfloor heating, thick walls, even everyday objects like mirrors.
  • Wireless hogs – if everyone is using multiple wireless smart gadgets at the same time, your WiFi is probably going into meltdown trying to cope with the demand.


Tracking down your WiFi gremlins

You can test your broadband and WiFi speeds with easy-to-use online speed testers.  These are great tools to help you discover where your gremlins may be hiding. 

If your wired broadband speed is much lower than your internet provider’s advertised speed you probably have external gremlins.  And if your WiFi speed is much slower than your wired broadband speed, the tricky little critters are probably inside.  Click here to find out how to test your broadband and WiFi speeds.


Eliminate your poor WiFi signal problems – for good

What’s the best way to exterminate your unwanted WiFi guzzling guests?

Blast them out of existence with a super-strength dose of high power, super fast WiFi, so they can’t run and they can’t hide!

Invest in high power wireless access points and a proper wireless network that’s tuned to identify and eliminate your particular WiFi gremlins.


Get in touch to find out how we can help fix your poor wireless signal and banish the WiFi gremlins for good.  Happy Halloween!