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Firstly, are you really looking for the best WiFi booster?

If you’re searching for the best WiFi booster you might be barking up the wrong tree. The reason for this is that you may be looking for a solution without first fully getting to grips with the problem.

What you’re more likely trying to find is the best way to improve your WiFi. And that may well not be a conventional WiFi booster. (No matter how much the Amazon reviews might try to persuade you otherwise.)

It’s all about getting the best possible coverage to fit your needs and, equally importantly, your WiFi budget. And those aren’t the same for everyone.

How do you know if a WiFi booster is for you?

Here’s a quick quiz to get a good idea if it is.

If you agree with all (or most) of these statements, finding the best WiFi booster might be the way to go:

  • I want something that’s cheap
  • It needs to be plug-and-play as I want to set it up myself
  • Usually I only have a few (less than five) wireless devices connected at the same time
  • I don’t mind patchy coverage, signal drop outs and dead spots – that’s just how WiFi is
  • I’m not fussed about having to reboot my WiFi equipment fairly often – turning it off and on again is to be expected with anything technical
  • I don’t mind having to connect to multiple WiFi networks as I move around
  • There’s no need to get my full internet speed via WiFi as I only have a basic broadband package
  • My building doesn’t have thick walls, metalwork/steel joists, underfloor heating, large mirrors, or other WiFi blockers

If that’s the case, there are plenty of articles online that compare the best WiFi boosters.

A quick Google search will provide numerous helpful lists.

But what if this isn’t you?

We’ve put together a simple chart to help you compare WiFi solutions. This makes it a bit easier to see what wireless bang you can expect to get for your buck.

Ultimately, you need to decide what’s most important to you. You can then go with the best solution you can afford that ticks those boxes.

For many, a WiFi booster does the job adequately, so it’s just a question of finding the best one for your budget.

In truth though, there’s really only one way to get reliable WiFi where you want it, at your full broadband speed, in one seamless wireless network. That’s a professional WiFi installation using wireless access points hard-wired to your router. It’s not a cheap fix, but it will out-perform the best WiFi boosters (and all the other off-the-shelf WiFi systems) many times over.

Get a better WiFi boosting solution

If you’re in the Bristol and Bath area and looking to invest in a permanent solution to your WiFi issues, we can help.

Get in touch today for a free survey and quote for a professional WiFi solution, installed by wireless networking specialists.