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How can you help with my WiFi problems?

WiFiGuys specialises in wireless networking advice and solutions for businesses and homes throughout the Bristol and Bath area.  We have over 25 years’ experience in WiFi system installation, IT support, security, infrastructure and connectivity, so are ideally placed to help with your WiFi problems.

These are the main geographical areas we cover:
WiFiGuys WiFi improvements installations advice coverage map Bristol Bath

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Or read on for answers to some of our frequently asked questions.

How much will it cost?  What do you charge?

We tailor WiFi solutions to meet your specific needs.  The cost therefore very much depends on your individual circumstances.

An initial chat on the phone to discuss your wireless problems and issues will usually help us to give you an approximate cost.  We typically then carry out a WiFi survey (free for customers in the area covered in the map above).  After that you’ll receive a firm quotation for the work.

You can read more about what to consider when budgeting for WiFi here.

What is a WiFi survey?

There are two types of wireless survey:

Our Standard WiFi Survey is available free of charge to customers in Bristol, Bath, Trowbridge, Chippenham and surrounding areas.  (If you’re outside this area please contact us for a quote.)  It usually takes up to an hour to complete and includes a discussion about your WiFi problems and requirements.  In addition we do a basic WiFi system and coverage check on a handheld device.  This is followed by an email with findings and recommendations and a quote for your recommended WiFi solution.

Our Advanced WiFi Survey is a more in-depth, chargeable survey for larger sites with complex wireless network requirements.  It is usually arranged following a basic survey and takes one or more days to complete.  It includes visual heat mapping of WiFi coverage to identify problems, plus a full report of findings and recommendations. 

Why is my WiFi internet speed slow?

There are many factors that can influence WiFi speeds, resulting in a slow internet experience.  These include the equipment you’re using and the construction of your building.  There’s lots of factors that can cause WiFi interference.

Simple tweaks such as repositioning your router or changing your WiFi channel may help.  

If you’ve tried the basics and are still having WiFi problems, a survey will help find the causes and potential solutions.  To book your WiFi survey contact us.

Can you fix my current WiFi equipment?

In short, no, that’s not what we do.  Most customers try wireless range extenders, WiFi signal boosters and repeaters as a first step.  These didn’t resolve the issue and in some cases actually made WiFi problems worse, in spite of seeming like a cheap fix.  

We offer professional WiFi installations that permanently fix your WiFi problems. Check out our easy WiFi comparison chart to see how we compare with other popular options.

What WiFi equipment do you install?

We install wireless access points configured to work in harmony with each other and broadcasting a single wireless network.  They are hardwired into your router using CAT6 ethernet network cable as standard.

Installing a WiFi access point:
WiFiGuys install wireless access points

We don’t use wireless signal boosters, WiFi range extenders or repeaters.  Because these devices can congest wireless bandwidth by broadcasting competing signals, they may end up making your WiFi problems worse. 

If you’re installing wireless, why do you need wires?!

WiFi is basically a radio signal which broadcasts your internet connection from your router (normally supplied by your Internet Service Provider, or ISP).  The trouble with a lot of routers is that they can’t broadcast a strong enough wireless signal to cover everywhere you need it.  They tend to struggle with connecting a lot of devices simultaneously, or environmental features such as thick walls or underfloor heating.

The best way to get a strong WiFi signal where you need it is to install wireless access points.  These are hard wired into your router and positioned in key areas.  Because of this, the result is a much more robust, fast and efficient wireless solution.

I’m having building work done, should I install network cable at the same time?

Yes, definitely!  This is the perfect time to do it, particularly if you’re having electrical wiring installed.  Having a wired network makes installing wireless access points simple.  Fitting network points in every room is also a great way to help future-proof your business or home.

It’s always best to get a specialist in to work with your building contractor to install the network cabling, because getting it wrong can be costly to put right later.

Contact us for further help and advice about cabling for wireless networks.

Will my internet be faster?

Wireless solutions from WiFiGuys are designed to make full use of your fibre/broadband connection speed.  The only limitation is the speed of the internet connection provided by your ISP. 

In practice customers find their WiFi speeds vastly improve compared to their previous system.

We have very thick walls – will your WiFi work?

Yes!  A WiFi survey helps find the best position for your wireless access points.  This will take into account the construction of your building(s).

Can I get WiFi coverage outside?

Absolutely!  Specialist external wireless access points are weather-proof and can broadcast your WiFi wherever you need it.  Gardens, courtyards, outbuildings – the possibilities are endless. 

Because it is all part of the same wireless network there’s no annoying WiFi signal drop-out when you’re moving from one space to another.

How many wireless devices will I be able to connect at a time?

Our specialist wireless access points allow you to connect hundreds of devices simultaneously.

For comparison, the router provided by your ISP may struggle to connect more than eight devices. 

Are your WiFi systems secure?

Security is paramount in every WiFiGuys installation.  Our equipment complies with the latest wireless protection protocols.  We incorporate best security practices throughout, for example using highly-secure password generators.

Can I restrict who uses my WiFi?

Yes, you can have separate groups with different access levels, for example for guests or customers (or kids!). 

This means you can implement restrictions on specific user groups if required. These could include limited bandwidth and/or data usage, so that their use does not impact on yours. 

Furthermore, the wireless controller software will even enable you to charge specific types of users for time usage if you wanted to.

What does the wireless system actually look like when it’s installed?

Generally all you see are the wireless access points.  They are white with a discrete, contemporary design and are no more noticeable than smoke detectors.  

There a two main types of internal access point. Wall-mounted (pictured left) and in-wall (pictured right):WiFiGuys wireless access points provide a permanent solution to common WiFi problems
The in-wall units have the added benefit of up to four free network ports. This means you can hard-wire some devices into your network if required. This is good for static devices, for example a smart TV, desktop PC or printer.

When we’re connecting the access points we use existing network cabling routes, where available, to minimise disruption.  Any new cables that need to be run are usually hidden. This could be under floorboards, in cavity walls, via external routes, in trunking, via the loft, etc.

What WiFi support do you provide after installation?

All our WiFi equipment comes with a one year warranty as standard.  Even if you choose to manage your own systems, which is easy to do with the WiFi controller interface, we will keep in touch to make sure everything is running as it should or if there is any tweaking needed.  We are on hand locally in the unlikely event that you have any problems.

We also offer an annual WiFi Health Check once your equipment is past its warranty period. For a small fee we will visit your premises and spend up to 3 hours updating and checking your equipment. Rather like servicing a car, this will help keep your WiFi system running smoothly and reliably. It also ensures you have the latest security patches installed.

Frustrated with persistent WiFi problems?  Based in the Bristol, Bath, Trowbridge or Chippenham area?  Contact us for wireless network advice and WiFi services or to book your free WiFi survey.