Hotels and B&Bs in Bath and Bristol have had a tough time of things lately, particularly the smaller ones.  The state of current exchange rates have meant more visitors to the West, both from outside the UK and within.  However there is also far more competition, especially from disruptors like Airbnb.  In the tourist and business centres of Bath and Bristol hotel WiFi can play a crucial role in staying a step ahead of the competition.


Hospitality sector under financial pressure

Online comparison websites and Airbnb are putting increasing pressure on the profit margins of hotels and B&Bs in Bath and Bristol.  Finding the balance between offering a quality service and controlling operating costs is tougher than ever.  In this context the temptation is to tighten belts and put off any new investment.


Guest WiFi cost vs benefit

4G mobile internet has become the norm and many of us now have smartphones which can double as a WiFi hotspot.  So you may be wondering if hotel WiFi is worth investing in for Bristol and Bath businesses.  Here are some of the reasons why it really is.

Business customers expect fast WiFi

Business customers can be a reliable and lucrative source of hotel revenue; but only if their demands are met.  Most expect to be able to transform their room into a dedicated office space.  They need reliable, fast WiFi; whether it’s for a Skype conference call or online research before a client meeting.

Leisure travellers rely on wireless connectivity too

wireless devices guests expect reliable bath and bristol hotel wifi
Today’s travellers expect great hotel WiFi

For travellers and tourists access to wireless internet has become a crucial part of the journey.  Being able to instantly share experiences and sights via mobile devices is now integral to fulfilling the travel bug.  Most want their hotel to be a home from home, including wireless internet connectivity.

A 2016 study found that the vast majority (89%) of travellers expected free WiFi in their hotel. So expecting them to rely on mobile internet with its associated costs and data restrictions is now a real no-no.

Lack of decent WiFi impacts revenue

Having no free WiFi or slow and unreliable WiFi for guests can seriously dent your bottom line.

It has been well documented that most people are more likely to complain than praise.  The internet provides the perfect platform for unhappy guests to voice their frustrations in public. When comparing hotels and deciding where to stay, past customer reviews can have a huge influence on future bookings.  In this context, negative comments about poor WiFi can directly affect revenue.

Free WiFi can add value far beyond its actual cost

It costs at least five times more to gain a new customer than keep an existing one.  Fast, reliable, free hotel wireless internet can do more than just meet guest expectations.  As well as improving guest satisfaction it can also be a great customer retention and loyalty tool.  For example, you can easily gather data to keep in touch with guests to encourage repeat business.

These days WiFi can no longer be seen purely as a cost, but an opportunity.  Providing guests with a great WiFi experience has the potential to help convert one-off visitors into loyal advocates of your business. 

If your hotel’s wireless network is not there yet it may be time to get your head out of the sand and take action.


Future-proofing Bath and Bristol Hotel WiFi

As with any popular visitor destination, it’s clear that in Bath and Bristol hotel WiFi is a must-have.  Exactly how you achieve a great WiFi experience for your guests, however, can be tricky to work out.

Getting help and advice from a wireless networking expert can save you a great deal of time, money and hassle.  


If you run a hotel, B&B or guesthouse in the West of England and need help fixing slow, unreliable WiFi, we can help.  Contact WiFiGuys for friendly, local Bath and Bristol hotel WiFi support.