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WiFi system issues often ignored

When it comes to WiFi system problems it’s all too easy to put off finding a proper solution.  The range of WiFi boosting options can be confusing and daunting. So many of us just keep struggling along with what we’ve got.

wringing hands with frustration over bad wifi system
Frustration with buffering, stuttering, signal drop-outs and slow WiFi is all too common

But how often have you found your blood pressure rising over a poor WiFi signal?

  • At home when the kids are glued to their games consoles, smart phones and tablets?
  • In the office when the whole team are in for a meeting, hammering away on their laptops?
  • Or even out and about in a hotel or café checking the scores in that crucial end-of-season match.  Especially when hundreds of others are trying to do the same?!

Bad WiFi tends to be one of those things we just accept with resignation, or find unsatisfactory work-arounds.

We don’t believe it should be that way!

The world is changing – and fast.

Business and home WiFi systems need to keep up with the explosion in connected devices. And it’s not just about convenience or time-saving. It’s a security issue too.

WiFiGuys are WiFi system experts offering wireless trouble-shooting and secure wireless network solutions for homes and businesses in the West of England.

About WiFiGuys owner, Dave Mitchell

With more than twenty five years’ experience in IT support, networking, WiFi system installation, security, infrastructure and connectivity, Dave is a proud IT geek and passionate about great WiFi.

Dave Mitchell WiFiGuys working on WiFi system
Dave at work

“It’s funny, even though I’d worked in IT for more than two decades, I was one of those people that was frustrated with unreliable home WiFi.  But for so long I didn’t do anything about it!  I tried using WiFi extenders, repeaters and wireless signal boosters, but they didn’t really help.  All they did was lighten my wallet and increase my frustration levels!”

The lightbulb moment

“A few years ago, when I was IT Manager for a Barristers’ Chambers in Bristol, all that changed.  I oversaw the implementation of a new secure and robust WiFi solution for the business.  It gave fantastic WiFi coverage results and didn’t cost the earth.  I installed a similar wireless system at home using the same specialist wireless access points.  I’ve had no WiFi issues since. It was a bit of a revelation!”

Seeing the wood for the trees

“The trouble for most people is that they just want WiFi that works reliably. With such a huge range of WiFi boosters, range extenders and repeaters on the market, it’s hard to know where to start.  The major Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are also now heavily promoting bold claims about their WiFi coverage”

“I think there’s a lot of misconceptions, particularly amongst home/home office users and smaller businesses.  The major one I come across is people thinking that secure, reliable WiFi coverage involves expensive equipment and complicated configuration.  Hence the belief that it’s only affordable to big business.  This simply isn’t true nowadays.”

Fast, reliable WiFi system accessible to everyone

“I wanted to offer a friendly, practical service for local business and home owners.  Our aim is to advise on your specific WiFi system problems and implement cost-effective solutions for your unique situation and needs. That’s why we offer a free WiFi survey for local businesses and homes.”

“It has been great see customers’ reaction to our work so far.  When you see someone who has put up with bad WiFi for years, suddenly get their full internet connection speed wirelessly on a phone or tablet it’s a real buzz.   Once peoples’ eyes are opened to the possibilities of great WiFi, the sky is the limit!”

Get a quote for your ideal WiFi system

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